Recently I’ve started to sell baked goods at markets here in Seoul. At first it seemed really simple and exciting but the logistics of it has turned out to be a little complicated, especially as I’m only one person! I don’t have a car as there’s just no need here (the transportation in Seoul is fantastic, cheap, and efficient) however this makes transporting baked goods a little more challenging. Even taking a cab can make it tricky since with iced cupcakes you always run the risk of them bumping or flopping into one another. This is where the cupcake holder’s in cupcake boxes come in handy, but these typically don’t hold very many cupcakes per box and the biggest problem for me is that the ones I can get here are not stackable so I can’t carry very many at one time. What I ended up doing this time around was buying cake boxes from a baking market in Seoul and attempting to just make my own holders to put inside so that I’d be able to stack the boxes and take more. To start, I found gift bags at a dollar store that are just about the exact same size as my boxes.

They basically say I love you on them just in case you were curious. I opened them and cut them into two halves to get two separate holders.

I then removed the strings, unfolded the seem of the box, took a cupcake holder insert (not sure of the exact term for these) that I had lying around, traced the circles onto the pieces and cut them out.

I reinforced the corners with extra cardboard and tape just to be on the safe side as they were slightly flimsy. I was lucky because the seem of the bag unfolded to almost the exact same height as the bag when cut in half, so I didn’t have to alter what I had too much.

Et voila! These are the holders, inside the boxes, inside my IKEA bag! This one is peeking out so you can get a better look at it.

I should (if I’m successful with this that is) be able to transport 48 cupcakes at one time, 12 in each box. This is in addition to other baked goods but thankfully those are much hardier and easier to transport.

Wee! I’m officially ready for the market. Now all I have to do is bake! 

I’m pretty lucky living in Seoul as there are resources available for baking etc. here but if I was outside of the city I would definitely have a tougher time. Baking is still relatively new in Korea (compared to other countries) so that makes not only finding ingredients but resources and supplies a bit difficult sometimes! I have a feeling this will definitely not be my first time MacGyver-ing a solution for this type of situation. Yes, that is a verb and I use it often 😉 

Are these kinds of things easier to manage where you live? Have you ever had to transport a large amount of baked goods, and have you ever tried any less-than-conventional ways of doing it?