Everyone loves a little chocolate. And I don’t think anyone would complain about a little chocolate for breakfast. I wanted to share a meal prepping recipe I came up with for an Aztec Protein Breakfast Bread packed with protein and chocolate chocolate for a twist on baked oatmeal.

I fell in love with baked oatmeal the moment I tried out Southern In Law’s Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal, but being the baker that I am I wanted to experiment with my own. I decided I wanted to make something more bread like versus oatmeal. I do love oatmeal in all forms but sometimes having it for breakfast everyday you can get sick of it.

I wanted to keep it high in protein so I kept some whey protein powder in it. I also wanted to keep it somewhat low in fat since I like adding peanut butter on top. And I also decided last minute to make it like a Mexican hot chocolate I once tried.

I combined some of my favorite gluten free flours to make a protein breakfast bread. Swirling in cocoa powder and sprinkling the top with chili powder this made the perfect breakfast to get me through the morning.

When baking with protein powder I have found that finding a perfect time is key. If you cook too long you will end up with a chalky substance that is just hard to eat and enjoy. But if you have the right ingredients and cook it just until its done it can be a pretty close substitute for your classic bread.

What I love most about this recipe is how easy it makes your work week for you. It makes 4 servings so that is breakfast for each day. So if you have someone in your life that says they don’t have time for breakfast this is the answer.


1 cup cashew or almond milk

50 grams protein powder (I used cinnamon danish myprotein whey)

200 grams egg whites

1/5 cup old fashioned oats

1 cup natural applesauce

2 T almond flour

2 T coconut flour

1 T cocoa powder


Preheat oven at 350 degrees F. Add the dry ingredients in a bowl and combine, then start adding in your wet ingredients until throughly combined. Bake in the oven until cooked completely. You can use a tooth pick to determine this just like a cake. Once done, let cool and you are ready to eat!