Tell Your Story…

How do I join the Bakelife Community?

Signing up is simple. Click the “login” icon on the top right hand corner of the menu. Once the sign up window appears, click on “Not a member? Sign up now!”. You can sign up with your email address, or any social media account. Once you’ve signed up, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to click on to verify your account. Check your junk folder in case it lands there!

How do I create a post?

When you have finished signing up, you will see a document icon next to your profile photo on the top right menu. All you need to do is add a title and start typing, add some pictures or videos and once you are ready, hit “publish”!

What is a draft?

Your story will automatically be saved as a draft when you start typing. In the top left hand corner underneath your profile name you will see the word “draft”. You can save and come back anytime to edit your draft.

To edit your draft, hover over your profile image in the top right hand corner and roll over “posts” and you’ll see “drafts” in the menu. Click on drafts and then click “edit” or directly click your draft post image. This is where you will find all your draft stories. You can add photos or additional text to your draft story. Just be sure to click on “update” once the draft has finished saving your additional images or text.

Formatting your story

You can use the text formatting toolbar to:

  • Bold
  • Italicise
  • Underline
  • Create a hyperlink
  • Create Header or Sub-Header
  • Create a numbered list
  • Add bullet points

How do I upload an image?

Hover over the embed toolbar, where the “+” button is, in the content area just underneath “Title” and you will see two icons appear. Click on the camera icon to add an image. There is no limit to the number of images you can add, so you can tell your story visually via as many images as you like. The size of your images should not be more than 3MB per image. It is better to upload a larger image than a smaller one as resizing a larger image will always look better than increasing the size of a smaller one.

What is a feature image?

A feature image is the one that appears at the top of your post when your story is published. It is the image that will be shown when your post is linked or embedded in social media. By default, it will be the first image that appears first in your story.  You can add a selected feature image by clicking on the “…” icon next to the “preview” button at the top right of your page. Once done, click “save” and you will be able to “preview” your story before you publish it. Make sure your feature image is relatively large otherwise it may appear stretched in the Bakelife feed.

Image toolbar options

You can use the image toolbar to align your image. There are four options: justified, left justified, right justified and centred. You can use left justified to reduce the size of your images so they fit on one line, if you are uploading a set of images which you would like to format smaller.

To add an image caption, click on the image and underneath the black border you will see a space for captions. Begin typing and you’ll see the caption appear.

How do I embed a video or an image?

Just like you would go about adding an image, the “+” button, in the content area just underneath “Title” and you will see two icons appear. The second icon is the “embed” icon. Click on the embed icon and paste in your link and press return. You can embed existing posts from Bakelife, videos from Youtube or images from external sources like Instagram or Tweets.


If you like a story, let the writer know! You can comment on a story just like you would any other blog post. Comments will appear in the “Bakelife Talk” column on the Home page.

How do I “heart” a post that I love? 

“Love” posts are ones which Bakelifers have loved by clicking on the “heart” icon underneath a blog post. The more “love” you receive for your story, the more likely your story will be discovered on the home page. Show your love for Bakelifer stories by hearting them.